July 7, 2022

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra, 63, teases new rap single Bullets & Booze as she wears low-cut top

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra teased her new rap single Bullets & Booze in an Instagram post.

The 63-year-old grandmother got the attention of her followers as she wore a low-cut top in the new video.

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Debra said of her work: “A lot of people don’t realize I am a singer and rapper. I’m not on drugs, I’m not high, I’m an artist. I love music. What you see in my videos is who I am. I want this to be about my music and my music career. 

“The fact that I am in my own lane. I’m trying to encourage and inspire people who have dreams and feel like they are too old or not talented enough. I am here to tell them they have to believe in themselves. That’s the point of my music. To have courage, tenacity and to just do it.

Debra is the grandmother to 12-year-old Sophia


Debra is the grandmother to 12-year-old SophiaCredit: Instagram

While discussing her song Tonite, Debra admitted Selena Gomez is one of her music inspirations.

She said: “I love Selena Gomez. I love her song, Lose You to Love Me. I went to my team and said, ‘I love this song.’ I told them about an experience of mine.

“This experience was so hard on me I couldn’t write the words. My vocal coach in Barcelona wrote it. I went over and personalized it. I will record in studio September 3. It’s about love and loss.”

Debra rose to fame while appearing on MTV’s Teen Mom alongside Farrah, 29.

She is the grandmother to Farrah’s only daughter, twelve-year-old Sophia.

Debra has a rocky relationship with her daughter


Debra has a rocky relationship with her daughterCredit: Instagram