July 7, 2022

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Married at First Sight Australia viewers demand to know ‘where is Martha?’ as couples turn on Jessika in a fiery finale

MARRIED at First Sight Australia viewers demanded to know “where is Martha?” as Jessika was left without her biggest supporter when the couples turned on her.

In a VERY fiery finale, the contestants were stunned when it was exposed Jessika had propositioned Nic before getting it on with Dan.

Martha was very quiet as Jessika got roasted by her co-stars


Martha was very quiet as Jessika got roasted by her co-stars

As she sat in the hot seat, Jessika was came under fire from her co-stars – and her boyfriend Dan could barely look at her.

But Martha – her best friend on the show – was unusually quiet.

One fan said: “Martha was doing backup dancer for Jess this whole series and now she decides to remain silent.”

Someone else remarked: “Martha is very quiet and not defending her friends actions anymore.”

A viewer claimed: “Martha just sitting back and watching jess get absolutely roasted.”

One fan asked: “Where has Martha gone?”

Others were disappointed that Martha’s time in front of the experts with her husband Michael wasn’t shown in the finale.

One said: “The final was a double edged sword. Whilst it was thrillingly superb to see deluded ‘Jessabel’ get some come-uppance, it’s annoying that Martha wasn’t held accountable for any of her vileness, back stabbing and giving Michael Stockholm Syndrome.”

Another added: “Why on earth was Martha not held to account for all her stirring. She’s the one that kept poking the hornets nest & the standing back.”

Someone else asked: “Why has Martha escaped the couch? She should be held accountable for her despicable actions. Or did she have to leave early because she found a plastic surgeon to fix her personality??”

The latter comment was made in light of Martha’s explosive fight with Cyrell at the dinner party.

Gobsmacked viewers watched furious Martha throw red wine over Cyrell’s head after losing her temper at the dinner party.

Cyrell was held back by Mike and Sam after chasing Martha


Cyrell was held back by Mike and Sam after chasing MarthaCredit: E4

Cyrell chased after Martha with her glass of red and soaked the back of Martha’s Prada dress as she was held back by her co-stars.

Their fellow co-stars were stunned in the aftermath of the violent outburst after Martha got jealous of Cyrell talking to her husband Michael.

Martha admitted: “It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. She kept on baiting me.

“If I could go back I would obviously not pour a drink on her head because that’s gross. I would actually judge a girl who would do that to another girl.

Martha threw red wine over Cyrell's head


Martha threw red wine over Cyrell’s headCredit: E4

“But Cyrell is trash beyond anything I know. I scummed down to her level and I’m embarrassed. I need to apologise.”

After tension boiled over, the girls met up to try and settle their aggressive argument.

But things took a turn when Cyrell refused to apologise and launched a verbal attack on Martha.

“You’re as fake as your nose, lip and boob job,” shouted Cyrell.

Furious Cyrell ran after Martha to retaliate


Furious Cyrell ran after Martha to retaliateCredit: E4

“It’s a shame you couldn’t find a plastic surgeon to fix your personality because that’s the most fake, honey.

“That red stain suits you because you’re as trashy as your dress.”