July 7, 2022

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I’ve got seven kids – people think they have different dads and assume I’m on benefits

PARENTS may be pulling their hair out after a year of lockdowns and home-schooling – but try it with SEVEN kids.

Tess Giddings gets up at the crack of dawn and does not hit the pillow until 1am, so busy is she running around after her tribe, aged three to 14, and cleaning and washing.

Mum of seven on life with her rainbow supersized family


Mum of seven on life with her rainbow supersized family

Tess, 32, and her engineer hubby Chris, 41, had been happy with five children — Jacob, now 14, Savannah, 12, Amiah, 11, Zion, nine, and Nevaeh, five.

But while Chris was on the waiting list for a vasectomy, Tess got pregnant again — with twin sons Levi and Hezekiah, now three.

Tess ran a cleaning business before starting her Instagram account The Giddings Tribe, which gives her 26,000 followers a snapshot of what life is like for a family of nine.

She says: “Five kids were our absolute limit and because there was a wait for Chris’s op, I went on the Pill. So I have no idea how I fell pregnant.

Tess and her engineer hubby Chris never planned on having seven children


Tess and her engineer hubby Chris never planned on having seven children

“We had only had sex the once, the day after my period, which is meant to be the least fertile time.”

But after her next period was late, she took a pregnancy test — and says of the bombshell result: “It was like a punch in the stomach.

“I cried my eyes out all night as I didn’t want another baby.

“It might sound ungrateful but having five kids already was such hard work, I couldn’t get my head around having another.


“Children are also really expensive, which was another reason why we didn’t plan to have any more.”

Tess now reckons she battles her way through six loads of washing a day, and she and Chris cart the family around in a minibus.

Frazzled Tess says: “Life is non-stop crazy but I wouldn’t change any of it. I always get asked how I cope but I just do.

“People often assume that we must rake in loads of benefits because we have so many kids, but that is not the case. We support ourselves.”

Levi, Zion and Hezekiah enjoy a cuddle


Levi, Zion and Hezekiah enjoy a cuddle

The family spend £600 a month on food, which Tess sticks to by methodically prepping meals in advance, and the kids wear each others’ hand-me-downs apart from when Mum does a Primark run every few months.

Tess reckons the trick is staying organised — although the pandemic has turned her routine on its head.

She says: “My day starts at 6am and is full of washing, tidying and home-schooling. They are all at home at the moment so there is never any peace.

“It is impossible to replicate any type of school environment with such a busy household, but we are doing the best that we can.


“It’s extremely challenging, especially with the twins running around everywhere.

“We make sure that the older ones get through at least an hour of schoolwork a day, plus some painting and baking.

“It is hard to stick to a strict routine with them all off school but it’s important to have a structured day. It helps the kids thrive.”

Tess also makes sure her tribe pitch in with jobs around the home, as there is only so much she can do with just the two hands.

Chris pictured with his newborn twins


Chris pictured with his newborn twins

She says: “I mostly do the main housework but the kids have chores to do every day.

“I feel it’s a valuable life lesson, and it’s important they all chip in and help.

“I’d never put too much responsibility on them, as they are children, but it’s good for them to help out and have small responsibilities.

“The eldest two load the dish-washer and clean the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the car. They earn pocket money by helping out around the house.

All of the kids have chores to help their mum out around the house


All of the kids have chores to help their mum out around the house

“The middle three set the dinner table and clear away after.

“We have two triple bunk beds — the three younger boys share a room, the three girls share another, and Jacob has his own room because he is the eldest.

“They have to keep their rooms tidy by hoovering and stripping bedsheets. The twins do smaller jobs like packing their toys away.

“It is a military operation but it works. As soon as all the kids are asleep, it’s back to prepping for the day ahead ready to start again early the next morning.


“My washing machine is on constantly and I do my final load at midnight before falling into bed at around 1am.”

But perhaps the toughest time was when her twins first crashed into her and Chris’s already helter-skelter world.

Tess’s first scan, at 12 weeks, revealed her double trouble afoot.

She says: “I went into shock. I was sure they had it wrong. But as soon as the sonographer placed the probe over my tummy, I saw two little heads.

Tess says: 'It’s a complete fluke that they look so different'


Tess says: ‘It’s a complete fluke that they look so different’

“There I was, not wanting another baby, and suddenly expecting two.

“It took time for the shock to wear off but I soon got my head around it and couldn’t wait for the babies to arrive.”

Tess says of her twins’ arrival: “I really don’t know how we got through those early weeks.

“It coincided with the summer school holidays which meant we had all seven of them, 24/7. It was crazy.

Tess says: ‘I get asked how I cope … I just do, I wouldn’t change a thing’


Tess says: ‘I get asked how I cope … I just do, I wouldn’t change a thing’

“Jacob and Savannah helped with feeds while Chris was at work, but the hardest part was doing the school runs.

“I would have just an hour or two of sleep, then get up at 5am to make sure the babies were fed and have the others ready for school. I was a zombie.”

Life is now more full-on than ever in the Giddings household, but Tess insists she would not swap her big, beautiful brood for anything.

Remarkably, all her children have different skin tones, and she is often asked if they have the same dad.

Tess with her mighty brood


Tess with her mighty brood

Tess says: “It’s a complete fluke that they look so different.

“I get asked if they all belong to Chris which makes me laugh because they are absolutely all his.

“If anything, he has the wrinkles to prove it.”

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