July 6, 2022

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Brian Harvey denies he’s on cocaine after bizarre rant as he hits back at ex Danniella Westbrook

BRIAN Harvey has denied taking cocaine after his bizarre videos attacking ex girlfriend Danniella Westbrook on YouTube.

The pair split 26 years ago after a four year romance that Danniella says ended when she was “locked up” and signed away her house aged 21.

Brian Harvey denied he was on cocaine after his bizarre rant at ex Danniella Westbrook


Brian Harvey denied he was on cocaine after his bizarre rant at ex Danniella Westbrook

But the EastEnders star, 47, said she had supported troubled Brian, 46, over the years – and was shocked when he accused her of murder and of introducing him to a paedophile ring at a club when they dated in the 90s.

The East 17 singer aired his wild accusations in a video which she  responded to, calling him a “paranoid coke freak”.

In a second video, Brian hit back at her comments and raged: “I’m fed up with your lies and your cover ups. And talking me up like ‘I love him, I care’.

“He’s a c***, he’s on coke. I ain’t on coke. I’m offering you the chance to prove to this country you aren’t on coke and I’ll do exactly the same.”

Brian rose to fame in band East 17


Brian rose to fame in band East 17Credit: Rex Features

The singer, who was sacked from East 17 for claiming ecstasy was a “safe” drug, also claimed he hadn’t seen Danniella in 15 years.

He went on: “I haven’t seen her for 15 years or whatever it is.”

However, Danniella accompanied Brian to Downing Street in 2015 when they delivered a petition to “name and shame” convicted child sex abusers in the UK.

She said her decision to campaign with Brian led her to being sacked from her role in Hollyoaks.

Danniella hit back in her own video on Instagram


Danniella hit back in her own video on Instagram

Danniella also hit back in her own video to fans on Instagram, shouting: “I am not a paedohile!” as she opened up about the vile abuse she suffered as a child.

Crying in the emotional video, she said: “People haven’t got a clue what I’ve been through with that boy.

“He’s on there calling me a paedophile when I’ve had paedophiles abusing me from when I was nine years old.”

She added: “He’s having a bipolar meltdown. And I feel for him I do. And I have championed Brian. He’s on YouTube live now. I won’t calm down. Sorry the geezer is f**king crazy.

“The geezer’s live on YouTube moaning, calling me a paedophile. I’m furious with him because he’s slandering my name. I was the one who was abused as a child, Brian wasn’t.”

Danniella is now training to be a therapist


Danniella is now training to be a therapistCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Danniella vowed to call in her legal team to stop Brian from making any more claims, and said: “I finished going out with you when I was 21. First thing tomorrow I’m going to my solicitors and bagging you with a restriction order.”

She also said: “I protected that man and I walked away from him at 21 years of age to protect him.

“I signed my whole house over to his management team and got taken away and locked up, that is the truth of what really happened to me. I’ll say it live on here, I could sell my story by I won’t.”

Brian Harvey reveals police turned up at his door for a ‘welfare check’ after he attacks ex Danniella Westbrook online

The stars dated from 1991 to 1995.

Danniella is now training to become a therapist after battling cocaine addiction – which started in her 20s and has ravaged her face.

Brian, who has had mental health problems, now lives on benefits after selling 22 million records in East 17.