July 26, 2021

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Who will win Euros 2020 according to astrology?

THE much-anticipated Euros 2020 is finally here, with a number of exciting matches so far.

There’s no shortage of predictions being made about who is going to win — but what does astrology have to say about all this?

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Astrology may help explain which Euro 2020 teams have luck on their side


Astrology may help explain which Euro 2020 teams have luck on their sideCredit: Reuters

Which country has the luckiest team according to the stars?

England and France are considered joint favourites for Euro 2020, and taking a closer look at the star signs in charge of these two teams it’s no wonder!

French coach Didier Deschamp is a Libra, meaning that fairness is important to him and he will be keeping a close eye on his team’s energy, making sure things stay well-balanced.

Meanwhile, Capricorn Hugo Lloris, captain of the French team, brings an energy that is charged with determination and vigour.

With a full moon in Capricorn coming on June 24, you can be sure that the French team will find a lot of things working out in their favour. They may feel inspired to take risks, keeping the opponent constantly on their toes.

As for England, coach Gareth Southgate’s Virgo sign will help him to stay grounded and calm under pressure, while team captain Harry Kane embodies the typical confidence and drive of a Leo.

Harry Kane's Leo sign means that England has a fiery advantage


Harry Kane’s Leo sign means that England has a fiery advantageCredit: EPA

The sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 20, meaning there will be a huge advantage to any team with an abundance of water signs — and that includes England.

Cancer season tends to coincide with stronger emotions, empathy, and intuition. Water signs (like Cancer and Pisces) will be likely to flourish, while logical-minded air signs (such as Libra or Aquarius) might struggle to go with the flow.

Who could play in the final according to the zodiac?

On July 11, the day of the finals, Mercury enters Cancer which means that emotions are likely to be heightened and clear communication could present a challenge.

Again, water signs will be at a particular advantage here, and it would come as no surprise if the teams playing in the final have more than one Cancer on their side.

Wales and Germany are tied as the teams who have the highest representation of the Cancer sign on their team, both with five players.

Wales and Germany are the teams with the highest number of Cancer signs


Wales and Germany are the teams with the highest number of Cancer signsCredit: Getty

This means that during Cancer season luck will be strongly on their side and, if one of these teams makes it to the finals, they will have a huge astrological advantage.

There are five teams in Euro 2020 that have no players with the crab as their sign: these are Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Hungary.

This means they will have to put in extra effort in order to keep communication flowing well between all team members.

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