May 24, 2022

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Who is BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent?


BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent called out Dominic Raab in a car crash interview on Wednesday 6 October.

As the MP streamed live from the Conservative Party Conference, Sally called him out after suggesting misogyny applies to men and women.

Sally Nugent is a BBC breakfast presenter


Sally Nugent is a BBC breakfast presenterCredit: Splash
Sally Nugent called out Dominic Raab for suggesting misogyny happens to both men and women


Sally Nugent called out Dominic Raab for suggesting misogyny happens to both men and womenCredit: BBC BREAKFAST

Who is BBC breakfast presenter Sally Nugent?

Sally Nugent is a BBC presenter who works on a freelance basis, filling in when regular hosts were unavailable.

On Wednesday 6 October, Sally hosted the BBC breakfast show alongside Charlie Stayt, who appeared to be stepping in for regular host Dan Walker.

The female presenter clashed with Dominic Raab as the pair debated misogyny against women.

The Deputy PM appeared on the show live from the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, but it wasn’t long before the chat turned tense.

Sally quizzed him on how the Government plans to ensure women feel safer across the country, citing the recent murder of Sarah Everard.

She began the question by quoting Boris Johnson, who had appeared on the breakfast show the day before, saying, “he does not support calls to make misogyny a hate crime”.

Mr Raab responded by saying, “I think insults and misogyny is, of course, absolutely wrong whether it’s a man against a woman or a woman against a man.

“But I don’t think that will tackle the problem in the cases like either, the Sarah Everard case which is very serious, and we take very seriously.”

Sally later questioned him on his misogyny comment, asking, “is that what you meant to say?”

He fired back: “What I meant is, if we are talking about things below the level of public order offences of harassment and intimidation which are rightly criminalised,

“Then we are effectively talking about insults with a sexist basis. I don’t think criminalising those sorts of things will deal with the problem we have got at the heart of the Sarah Everard case.”

Is Sally Nugent married and does she have children?

Sally is married with whom they share one son.

She has kept the details of her marriage under wraps, including the name of her partner and their son.

What other shows has Sally Nugent presented?

Sally’s first media role was at BBC Radio Merseyside before she went on to read the sports news on BBC North West Tonight.

In 2003,