July 6, 2022

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Wheel Of Fortune fans beg show to ‘FIRE’ host Pat Sajak & want him to ‘retire’ after slamming him as ‘terrible & boring’

“#Jeopardy time with @missmayim after awful Wheel of Fortune episode! Let’s go Ryan Long! Happy Wednesday Jeopardy fam! @Jeopardy,” one Twitter user wrote. Despite Pat’s decades-long career as host of the popular game show, he seems not to have too many fans on set.

Wheel of Fortune fans want Pat Sajak to leave the show

Pat has been hosting the game show for more than 40 years[/caption] It all started innocently enough, as Pat asked his longtime co-star if she was an “opera buff?” While explaining the change to viewers, the host ad-libbed another controversial comment. A third particularly terse viewer did not mince words, tweeting: “Pat Sajak has been a d**k for years. Vanna responded with a “No,” and forced out a laugh.

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WHEEL OF FAILURE Wheel of Fortune crew begs for ‘inappropriate’ Pat Sajak to be ‘FIRED’

WHEEL of Fortune fans are calling for Pat Sajak to be fired or “retire” from the show amid his roughly 40 year tenure as host. Another Twitter user simply wrote: “I wish Pat Sajak would retire from Wheel of Fortune.” However, those working alongside him were not in a celebratory mood when the milestone date came around.  “Especially to Vanna.

The clip in question has already been edited out of replays on the show’s official YouTube channel. In December 2021, Pat celebrated 40 years of hosting Wheel of Fortune.


“Shame on Pat for asking Vana if she had watched opera in the buff!!!!” One fan wrote. “Have you ever watched opera in the buff?” Sajak poked, adding, “I’m just curious.” More on Pat A source told the media: “It’s no wonder no one on the show mentioned his 40th anniversary as host. He’s not a very well-liked guy.” Following Wednesday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, viewers expressed some strong opinions about the show’s longtime host. One staff member reportedly called the 75-year-old “a pompous jerk” and hoped “he’d either get with the program—or get lost.”  Pat – who is said to be raking in million for his hosting gig – recently celebrated his 40th anniversary on the show. As Pat tried to go on, Vanna appeared to force out an uncomfortable laugh. “This is the last night of this puzzle board. You will no longer be turning letters,” Pat said, referencing his co-host. That’s when the Chicago native made a regretful ad-lib. While a third called on the show to review its sexual harassment policies. Twitter was flooded with calls for Pat, 75, to walk away from the show, whether that means the network firing him or him retiring of his own volition. Viewers slammed pat for an “inappropriate question” he asked the hostess last week. “The new board…it’s heat-activated if you will,” he continued, before making the side comment, “And if anyone can heat up a board, you can.”


Viewers are growing increasingly displeased with his overall demeanor and think it’s time to hand over the reigns. In a highlight sent out by the official Wheel of Fortune social media account, Pat and Vanna celebrated the day in 1997 when the giant letter board went from manual, needing Vanna to turn the letters herself, to digital, requiring only a press. This isn’t the first time fans have called for Pat’s firing. Pat himself has not addressed the controversy specifically but seemed to foreshadow it in a recent tweet. On April 5, the game show legend tweeted: “You know, it’s been over a week since I’ve stormed off the show, displayed erratic behavior, cheated someone out of their winnings, or insulted a player. I’m due.” The publication dished on the alleged behind-the-scenes antics of the longtime host as his co-workers allegedly pleaded for him to be removed.  The harsh comments come as the TV personality’s behavior has been questioned, specifically his remarks towards co-host Vanna White.


In April, the National Enquirer reported that the Wheel of Fortune crew had, in the past, complained about the host’s behavior. Vanna, 65, replied: “I’m not a buff, but I like opera.” Critics held nothing back following the episode, which was largely uneventful. “But now he’s getting more d**kish to contestants. Fire the a*****e.”

Pat sparked controversy again when another comment he made towards Vanna resurfaced online.
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“Someone please replace this man.” another viewer added. “(Pat Sajak) is absolutely inappropriate asking (Vanna) if she’s watched opera naked? Are you serious? Gross.” “I felt that Pat crossed the line when he asked her if she had watched a particular TV show in the buff. That was inappropriate, not his business, and creates an uncomfortable work relationship and also not good for viewers.”


In the past, similar pleas have been made noting comments Pat made to Vanna White[/caption]

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Pat has largely ignored the drama[/caption]

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He is said to be raking in millions hosting the beloved game show[/caption]