May 24, 2022

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The Games in new fix row as Chelcee Grimes ‘wins’ despite breaking the rules in the cycling


“I know it’s s**t but the official stated I gave the position back, there was still 5 laps to go and wouldn’t of changed much.” Host Freddie Flintoff was as confused as anyone, suggesting the riders had lost track of the rules following the chaos at the start of the race.

Chelcee Grimes won last night’s cycling event on The Games

The footballer has been a top performer so far[/caption] “Do you think any of them knew the rules? Was Chelcee allowed to go past all those people at the start?” A confused Holly replied: “I think so.” Chelcee replied on Twitter: “Tbf, I wasn’t happy with this win. I crash at the start – panicked – got back up. Rode. Heard the bell go and thought that meant the race started. The footballer admitted she wasn’t pleased with the victory, but insisted any rule break was accidental as she was lost in the moment. READ MORE ON THE GAMES

The fan insisted it wasn’t Chelcee’s fault, but the star continued: “For clarity, if you seen the boys’ race too, they didn’t have a clue either what the rules were. Even though we get a brief. When that gun goes all hell breaks loose.
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THE Games viewers have hit out at Chelcee Grimes’ cycling win last night, claiming she should have been disqualified. One fan pointed out that she overtook the pace-setting derny bike after a melee at the beginning of the race that saw some competitors crash. He said afterwards: “There were crashes at the start of the race and then at one point I thought they thought they had to chase the man on the moped. “No excuses really. Some go for you, some go against. It’s sport. Apparently should have been a restart from when I fell.