May 24, 2022

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The Games’ Alex Scott suffers embarrassing blunder as she messes up lines during interview with Wes Nelson


The actress said: “You overtook when you shouldn’t have done.” Viewers were fed up with the arguments, with one writing: “The women at each others throats to win, the men just having a laugh while being competitive. Anyway, Colson is great.”

Alex Scott suffered an epic blunder on the finale of The Games tonight

Rebecca Sarker and Phoenix Gulzar-Brown were involved in a furious velodrome bust-up after Chelcee Grimes and Christine McGuinness overtook the derny in the cycling event. Alex, 37, messed up her lines while interviewing Love Island’s Wes Nelson and Harry Potter star Josh Herdman following the cycling challenge. “They’re arguing about overtaking a random bike? #TheGames,” another commented. THE Games host Alex Scott suffered an embarrassing blunder as she forgot her lines on tonight’s finale episode.

Someone else tweeted: “Phoenix is being so annoying – just let is go. #TheGames”
GAME ON! The Games viewers all have the same complaint about Phoenix Brown after bust-up

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The host kicked off the chat by saying: “Yes, I have rushed down. Josh you finally managed to get off that…” A third echoed: “The arguments between the women are so petty. #TheGames” Another posted: “#TheGames Alex completely forgetting her line there…awkward.” It comes after fans had the same complaint after watching the women come to blows in tonight’s finale episode.

The fan insisted it wasn’t Chelcee’s fault, but the star continued: “For clarity, if you seen the boys’ race too, they didn’t have a clue either what the rules were. Even though we get a brief. When that gun goes all hell breaks loose.” “No excuses really. Some go for you, some go against. It’s sport.” “We are here, you’ve just seen the girl do that. How are you feeling taking on this man?” But Rebecca quipped: “Whether you followed or not the [pace setting] derny was still there…” Another wrote: “Phoenix is so spoilt. Being very childish. #TheGames” But she suddenly went silent and was unable to remember her next line. Alex awkwardly laughed and looked flustered, before staring at the camera blankly. One wrote: “It feels like a really cheap production. Alex Scott didn’t know if she was on or not there. #TheGames” “#TheGames did Alex fluff her line or forget she was on TV?,” another added. Christine replied: “I followed the person in front.” We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours. Later on Rebecca was seen telling Phoenix: “There’s fair and there’s good sportsmanship and I’m not sure that was an example.” READ MORE THE GAMES Viewers were left squirming by Alex’s epic blunder. Last night Chelcee was caught up in a “fix” row when furious viewers claimed she should’ve been disqualified for overtaking the derny. Email [email protected] or call us direct on 0207 782 4220 . But ITV viewers took to Twitter to slam the group for being “petty and hit out at Phoenix for acting “childish”. After the brief pause, she continued: “Oh yeah…you finally managed to get off the bike.

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Chelcee replied on Twitter: “Tbf, I wasn’t happy with this win. I crash at the start – panicked – got back up. Rode. Heard the bell go and thought that meant the race started. ITV viewers were baffled as Alex went blank live on TV and began to laugh nervously.

The Games fans all had the same complaint as the women came to blows on tonight’s episode

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Emmerdale star Rebecca, 47, confronted model Christine, 34, and accused of her foul play.

Then Mel B‘s daughter Phoenix Gulzar-Brown interjected, defending Rebecca, saying: “The only reason why she’s fighting is because if it was disqualified, she would’ve got first.”
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