July 6, 2022

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Terrifying moment ’22ft’ shark spotted on ocean floor divides opinion – as some say it proves prehistoric beast exists

But others say the creature is simply a common sleeper shark, which can survive at least 2,000 metres beneath the surface. Read More on The Sun


Footage has reignited a debate over whether megalodons still exist[/caption]


The prehistoric sharks died out millions of years ago[/caption] Megalodons – which grew to 60ft and had a 10ft-wide mouth with 276 teeth – died out some three million years ago. He said: “I’m very pleased and will be keeping it safe.” CHILLING footage of a huge shark prowling the ocean floor has divided opinion as some argue it proves a prehistoric beast still exists. The clip, that has reemerged from 2018, shows the beast swimming over what appears to be an abandoned shark cage.

His family had been walking on Bawdsey beach, Suffolk, just after high tide on May 1.
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Sammy Shelton took it to school and his Beaver Scouts. It comes after a six-year-old boy found a tooth from a megalodon. Another said: “I think they went deeper into the seas like the giant squid which is why we never see them.” One person commented: “Our oceans are huge and there are vast areas that are still unexplored.

Megalodons featured in Jason Statham’s 2018 flick The Meg. “I wouldn’t be surprised if there are megs outs there.” Dad Peter, 60, of Bradwell, Norfolk, said: “Sammy was hoping to find the odd shark tooth when he ­spotted this giant one. Read more world news “People were getting quite excited.”

The rare 4in megalodon gnasher is 20million years old.
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“We ­realised straightaway it was a megalodon’s but didn’t know how rare they were until we talked to other ­fossil hunters. But footage of a giant shark at the bottom of the Mariana Trench has reignited a debate as some users are convinced it is evidence the colossal creatures still exist.