July 6, 2022

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Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out For 1st Time Since Undergoing Major Surgery: I’m ‘Feeling The Love’

<div class="media_block"><a href="http://spygists.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/ozzy-osbourne-speaks-out-for-1st-time-since-undergoing-major-surgery-im-feeling-the-love.jpg"><img src="http://spygists.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/ozzy-osbourne-speaks-out-for-1st-time-since-undergoing-major-surgery-im-feeling-the-love.jpg" class="media_thumbnail"></a><img src="http://spygists.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/ozzy-osbourne-speaks-out-for-1st-time-since-undergoing-major-surgery-im-feeling-the-love-1.jpg" class="media_thumbnail"><img src="http://spygists.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/ozzy-osbourne-speaks-out-for-1st-time-since-undergoing-major-surgery-im-feeling-the-love-2.jpg" class="media_thumbnail"></div>Ozzy Osbourne thanked his fans for their well wishes following his June 13 neck and back surgery, from which he is now recovering at home.
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Ozzy Osbourne, 73, has broken his silence following his major neck and back surgery on June 13. “I am now home from the hospital recuperating comfortably. I am definitely feeling the love and support from all my fans and send everyone a big thank you for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes during my recovery,” the rocker tweeted on June 15.

Sharon Osbourne, 69, announced Ozzy was scheduled to have an important procedure done during British talk show The Talk‘s June 10 episode. “He has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there,” she revealed, per Entertainment Tonight. “It’s really going to determine the rest of his life.” The surgery was meant to “remove and realign pins in his neck and back,” per Page Six.

leaving the hospital in a wheelchair that was pushed by a nurse. He was able to stand up and step into a black Range Rover with some assistance from the nurse. Ozzy, who was dressed in a black T-shirt and black pants and wearing a blue face mask, was then driven home by Sharon.

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne poses at the Grammys (Photo: Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

Sharon took to Twitter to update fans on Ozzy’s condition once she got him settled into their home. “Our family would like to express so much gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support leading up to Ozzy’s surgery!” she said in great spirit. “Ozzy is doing well and on the road to recovery. Your love means the world to him.”

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Ozzy’s health has dwindled over the years. In May, he was photographed using a cane to walk and mentioned his mobility issues in an interview that month. “I can’t walk properly these days,” he told Classic Rock .“I have physical therapy every morning. I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road.” He then mentioned that he’s aware he won’t live forever and noted that he would love to tour again. “I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time’s going to come. … I hope I can do more gigs. I can’t wait to see you all again. God bless you all, and stay safe.”

Ozzy Osbourne Sharon Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne seem to be remaining positive throughout Ozzy’s health struggles (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2019, which he revealed the following year. Prior to that, he beat pneumonia and had a rough fall at home as he was healing that forced him to cancel his 2019 tour, titled No More Tours 2. He got surgery after the tumble, which he mentioned as he spoke about his Parkinson’s diagnosis. “I got a numbness down this arm for the surgery, my legs keep going cold. I don’t know if that’s the Parkinson’s or what, you know, but that’s — see, that’s the problem. Because they cut nerves when they did the surgery. I’d never heard of nerve pain, and it’s a weird feeling,” he explained to Good Morning America.

Sharon was by Ozzy’s side and seemed hopeful about her husband’s journey with Parkinson’s, the same disease actor Michael J. Fox has been living with for half his life. “It’s PRKN 2,” she noted in the interview. “There’s so many different types of Parkinson’s; it’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination, but it does affect certain nerves in your body. And it’s — it’s like you have a good day, a good day, and then a really bad day.”

Through all his health ups and downs, it certainly seems that both Ozzy and Sharon are staying positive.