September 30, 2022

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Moment chunky daredevil The Mascot leaps onto slide and BELLY FLOPS into pool as viewers joke ‘divorce is going well’

Moment chunky daredevil The Mascot leaps onto slide and BELLY FLOPS into pool as viewers joke ‘divorce is going well’


THIS is the insane moment a chunky man launches himself off the roof of a slide and belly flops into the water – as viewers joked about his “divorce going well”.

The man, only known as La Mascotte or The Mascot, braved the slide at a French waterpark as a baying crowd of supporters looked on.

Viewers joked about the man’s ‘divorce going well’
The man, only known as La Mascotte, belly flopped into the water

The pudgy daredevil climbed onto the roof of a tall slide at Frenzy Waterpark in Torreilles and steadies himself ready to jump.

He raises his hands to rally crowd who cheer him on as he jumps and glides down the plastic slide and is sent soaring into the air before landing a few feet from the edge of the pool.

What appears to be GoPro footage shows La Mascotte fully stretched out as he’s catapulted into the air with his arms flailing.

Moments later, he lands heavily, creating an almighty splash in his wake.


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According to French news outlet L’Independant, the waterpark organised a jumping competition that was sponsored by Red Bull.

La Mascotte was one of a few to jump on the renovated waterslide, which got a makeover costing €6 million, according to the publication.

The clip has now gone viral and edited version has the captions “Dad’s taking the divorce well…”

It’s not the first time the mystery adrenaline junkie wowed crowds with his hilarious diving skills.

Other recordings have appeared showing him belly-flopping from a suspended bridge 36ft in the air into what looks like a lake, according to his Instagram account.

Another shows him ploughing off the same waterslide but this time from the proper start position.

He lays on his stomach as he flies down the slide and hits the water on his side.

Another clip shows him doing a tandem jump.

La Mascotte rallies the crowd before his hilarious jump
The whole jump was caught on camera and shared online
La Mascotte posts about his crazy lifestyle on Instagram