September 30, 2022

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Kardashian fans slam ’embarrassing’ Travis Scott as he kicks door & yells in post-concert video after Astroworld tragedy

Kardashian fans slam ’embarrassing’ Travis Scott as he kicks door & yells in post-concert video after Astroworld tragedy


KARDASHIAN fans have slammed Travis Scott as he kicked a door and yelled nonstop in a post-concert video after the Astroworld tragedy.

His baby mama Kylie Jenner, 24, shared Instagram photos and video from her visit to The O2 Arena in London.


Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy Travis Scott pounded his fists at a door in a new video[/caption]


Travis was showered with champagne while kicking and screaming following his London concert[/caption]

In the snapshots, The Kardashian star and her four-year-old daughter, Stormi, watched Travis, 31, perform in front of a large audience. 

In the short clip, NBA superstar James Harden, 32, cheered on as Travis pounded and kicked at a bright blue door following the show

While grabbing onto Travis, the Philadelphia 76ers player shouted: “Biggest in the world!”

In the hallway, the crowd popped open their champagne bottles and showered the hitmaker with liquor. 

Travis continued yelling at the top of his lungs as he ran across the floor to another room.

Hulu star Kylie can be heard laughing and cheering in the background.

Travis is scheduled to perform at the O2 on August 7th as well.

In an online thread, however, critics slammed the rap star for his “raging” performance and ignoring his baby mama in the hallway.

One critic said: “You would think he would like to look up and smile at her or want to share some of the joy he was feeling in that moment with her, like eye contact at least.”

Another added: “So much second hand embarrassment when he tried to beat that door up,” as one chimed in, “He’s so gross!”

One wrote: “He’s behaving like a maniac. The last time this man raged, people got killed. This isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ in the slightest.

“He’s still raging like it hasn’t even been a year since Astroworld happened and he has already forgotten about the families,” one person reacted.


Kylie and Stormi were previously spotted as they were leaving their hotel. 

The reality star held her daughter’s hand as they sported the same grayish denim jeans during their stroll.

The mother/daughter duo headed off to the concert together in their casual outfits. 

The behind-the-scenes footage came from Travis’ first concert since the Astroworld incident in November 2021.


The tragic event left 10 people dead, and hundreds of others injured while the hitmaker performed.

In May, Travis was sued by an Astroworld victim, Shanazia Williamson, who claimed she suffered a miscarriage after being “trampled” at the festival in Houston, Texas.

The victim allegedly lost the fetus due to the “horrific injuries” she sustained in the crowd stampede.

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Shanazia and her husband, Jarawd Owens, are suing for the wrongful death of her unborn baby.

Hundreds of other Astroworld victims have filed lawsuits against Travis and the organizers since the devastating event.


Travis held onto NBA star James Harden as he yelled nonstop[/caption]


Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi went to see Travis perform at The O2[/caption]


The tragic event Astroworld left 10 people dead and hundreds injured[/caption]