October 4, 2022

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I went into labour on a packed beach while enjoying the heatwave with my five kids – I instantly panicked


A MUM has told how she went into labour while on a packed beach with only strangers to help her.

Kirsty Nott, 33, was not due until August 10 – but on July 19 she felt her waters break just as she arrived at Aberavon Beach in Port Talbot, Wales.


Kirsty Nott was at Aberavon beach, Wales, with her family when she suddenly went into labour with baby Tanner-Jacks[/caption]


A crowd of strangers rushed to her aid[/caption]

With her husband Shane at work she had been alone with her five kids when she suddenly felt a lot of pain.

As she began to have contractions on the sand, she rang her parents who were miles away in Aberavon.

While they called the paramedics Kirsty was met with crowds of strangers who rushed to her aid.

She told Wales Online: “I hadn’t even put my bum on the sand yet. I was panicking.

“There were no familiar faces. I thought he was going to come out on the beach.”

When the paramedics called her phone she was in too much pain to speak – so she handed over the phone to a woman who she had just met on the beach.

Relaying the medical professional’s advice, the woman told her to lay down and take off all of her clothes from the waist down.

Kirsty was forced to strip off in front of a growing audience on the beach.

She explained: “At the time, I didn’t care who was seeing what.”

Luckily Port Talbot coastguards and Lifeguards from Swansea RNLI arrived and put up windbreakers around Kirsty to give her some privacy.

Her kids Logan, 14, Braydan, 10, Roxy, 9, Kruz, 8 and Blake, 4, had been in the water swimming and were shocked when they came out to find their mother in labour.

They told her “Don’t worry mam, you’re going to be okay” as worried coastguards and lifeguards followed instructions from paramedics on the phone.

Kirsty says the emergency crews were doing a great job at keeping her calm – but that she could see them panicking.

She heard one of the younger lifeguards telling a paramedic that the baby’s head was crowning.

The mum-of-six said she thought her baby boy was “going to be delivered straight on Aberavon beach” – but luckily an ambulance arrived in time.

She was rushed to Singleton Hospital where she brought baby Tanner-Jax Gregory Nott into the world weighing 5lb 11oz.

Following the traumatic labour, Port Talbot coastguard gave her son a special coastguard teddy.

She said: “I really did appreciate everything they did, they kept me calm”.


The mum-of-six thought her baby was going to be delivered straight onto the beach, but luckily an ambulance arrived[/caption]


Baby Tanner-Jacks with some of his proud older siblings[/caption]