July 4, 2022

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I don’t remember the last time I had sex, it was probably a few years ago, says new Beat The Chasers star Issa Schultz

Email [email protected] or call us direct on 0207 782 4220 . Issa told The Sun’s TV Mag: “I got a last-minute call to step into The Governess’s cold and chilly shoes.

Australian The Chase star Issa Schultz made his debut on Beat the Chasers this week

“As they say, the show must go on! I’d be foolish not to do it.” “And then I was on the plane, I think it was close to 9am that very morning. He added: “(The second text said) ‘Just checking to see if you got the first text there,’ and then (the third) was sort of an apology I said, ‘Look I’m sorry’ because I thought I was being sort of a bit (too forward). Is three too many or is that not enough?” “I’m not going to ring because I’m far too shy,” Issa explained. He flew from Brisbane to take the spot on Beat the Chasers and  jumped at the opportunity to work on the show. The TV star also revealed he gave his phone number to woman when he was working on the celebrity edition of cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen. Australian Chaser Issa Schultz, 38, dropped everything to fly from Down Under to join the ITV quiz show after Anne Hegerty was struck down with Covid.

“Do we have a calendar here?” he coyly replied.
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“I don’t remember the day but it was probably a few years ago now.” Issa made his Beat The Chasers debut on Monday night, filling in for missing Anne. These aren’t the only gameshows Issa has starred in though. Read More on The Sun

BEAT The Chasers’ newest recruit has opened up about his sex life and disastrous attempts at dating. “So what happened is I was going to text but I might have shot myself on the foot because I left it a few days then I texted and I got nothing. Do you have a story for The Sun Showbiz team? “So I sent three texts because I thought if I do too many it could come across stalkerish. I’m a polite man I said, ‘Hello, lovely to meet you, thanks for coming to the restaurant, thanks for the number,’ you know, and then nothing at all.” Viewers were left scratching their heads as to why The Governess was absent from the new week-long series of the show. He has now got another Chase show under his belt with Beat The Chasers. Taking to Twitter after the first episode, Anne reassured her worried fans as they discovered the reason why she wasn’t there: “I only tested positive for nine days, I’m fine now!” “What a delight. It was close to 1am Brisbane time – I’m a night owl and my Australian boss said to the UK bosses: ‘Just call him, he’ll be up.’ But Anne had been forced to duck out of filming after being struck down with Covid-19,

Issa stars as The Supernerd on The Chase Australia and has done since 2015.
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He also appeared on Australian game show The Rich List in 2009, on which he won 0,000. The brainiac was recently he asked when he was last “intimate with a woman” on the Kylie and Jackie O radio show in Sydney.


He stepped in to replace co-star Anne Hegerty who had to isolate at home due to Covid[/caption]

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He’s won fans across the UK with his humour and unique style, but unfortunately it’s not stretched to his dating life.

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