July 6, 2022

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Emmerdale fans in shock as Will Taylor launches deadly plan for Jamie Tate

“Because when I do I can make sure he never shows his face around here again.” “I want someone found,” Will told his old pal.


Will Taylor wants Jamie Tate found in Emmerdale[/caption]


He’s employed the help of an old contact[/caption] READ MORE ON EMMERDALE And instead he called an old contact to hunt down the vet himself – with an evil plan in mind. But then the man offered to ensure Jamie stayed gone – permanently, with Will taken aback. “I’m tired of the uncertainty. Name’s Jamie Tate.”

The former drug lord – who is played by actor Dean Andrews in the ITV soap – convinced ex Harriet Finch to stop looking for Jamie officially.
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One wrote: “Oh Will you obviously don’t understand women. He’s her son, she will always want him back no matter what he’s done.” Viewers are in shock at Will’s actions – and predict disaster for him when Kim finds out what he’s up to. “The trouble is that that someone wants everyone to think that he’s dead.” “I just need to know where he is,” he insisted.

“It’s expensive. Really dead or missing means finding someone the police couldn’t. Pretend dead implies an extra motive for him staying hidden. Why do you want to find him so much?  The man replied: “So this walking corpse, how are you so sure that he’s still alive? A second said: “Will should be honest, tell Kim that her only son Jamie could be alive.” EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Will Taylor revealed his deadly plan for Jamie Tate.


Jamie’s mum Kim is in the dark[/caption]