September 30, 2022

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Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing about Jai and Laurel as he rushes to her defence

Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing about Jai and Laurel as he rushes to her defence


EMMERDALE fans rushed to social media to say the same thing about Jai Sharma and Laurel Thomas after Thursday night’s episode.

After love rat Kit betrayed Laurel earlier this week, the episode saw Jai rush to her defence and punch him in The Woolpack.


Emmerdale fans are saying the same thing after Jai rushed to defend Laurel[/caption]


Jai stepped in when he found out Kit had betrayed Laurel earlier this week[/caption]

The scene happened as Laurel turned up for Marlon and Rhona’s wedding, which had viewers in tears, and Kit started to speak to her.

He told her she was a “sight for sore eyes,” and Laurel replied saying: “How about a sight for two black eyes? Stay away from me.”

The comment came after Kit was caught out for seeing Laurel and her step-daughter Gabby Thomas behind each of their backs.

Jai didn’t like what he heard and rushed to defend Laurel, while saying she didn’t deserve what had happened to her.

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But after Jai got involved, Laurel became upset and left to go outside.

“You’re worth so much more,” Jai told her, after following her out, but Laurel was adamant she didn’t need defending.

They ended up being friendly with each other again though, as Laurel offered to help Jai out with his sore hand.

After Jai and Laurel appeared close again, Emmerdale fans rushed to social media to say the pair should rekindle their romance.

One person said: “Go on Jai – take him back Laurel that was class which is more than I can say for “Get me kit off Kit.”

Another Emmerdale viewer added: “I really hope Lauren and Jai get back together.”

While a third agreement said: “Laurel and Jai should definitely reunite, they make a great couple.”

A fourth said: “I’d absolutely love it if Laurel and Jai got back together.”

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Emmerdale fans think Jai and Laurel should get back together[/caption]