December 8, 2022

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Ric Hassani Reveals Why He Doesn’t Perform At Nigerian Weddings


Popular R&B singer, Ric Hassani has revealed why he doesn’t go all ‘Chike’ and ‘Timi Dakolo’ at Nigerian Weddings.

The Thunder fire You singer took to Twitter to disclose why he turns down some invitations to perform at Nigerian weddings. According to Ric, he dislikes wedding invitations when the bride is not a fan of his music. He confessed that he always refunds money to brides after discovering they never wanted him as a first choice.

“I don’t like being at weddings if you don’t really really really want me to be there. It’s not even about the pay coz most times I do it for free coz I wouldn’t want to cut deep into your overall budget. But please, DON’T call me if I’m not a top choice for you. please!


I turn down weddings a lot. Some people call me just coz they heard my name and just felt the bride would like the idea. Look, this is a special day, you HAVE to be sure you need me there not just my music, but my presence. I send money back a lot, A lot. Please, please.” 

Ric Hassani also issued a warning to prospective brides. He warned them to never invite him because of his name or as a last option.